Virginia Woolf’s Night & Day

Fiction Feature Film

Based on Virginia Woolf’s most Jane Austenish novel, Night and Day, is an unromantic comedy about a passionate astronomer, Katharine Hilbery, who does everything she can to avoid romance and marriage.

In short

A woman on the brink of spinsterhood, marriage, rebellion and sexual awakening, Katharine’s journey is a comedic exploration of the roles open to adult women. In this most Austenish of Virginia Woolf’s novels, the heroine ironically must run from marriage and security to discover what it is she wants for herself.

The production

Night and Day – an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s most romantic novel is a new film written by Justine Waddell (Target, The Fall, Chaos) and produced by Christopher Figg (Coriolanus, We Need to Talk about Kevin) and Meg Thomson (Freud’s Last Session, Flying Home, Siren, Dot the 1). Developed with support from the British Film Institute.

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