Refurinn | The Fox

Returning Series

Adapted by Tina Gharavi from the best-selling novel by Sólveig Pálsdóttir.

The film

A Sri-Lankan woman arrives in a small Icelandic outpost. When she suddenly disappears, it arouses the suspicions of Guðgeir, a suspended detective from Reykjavik trying to win back his family, reputation and job. Also washed up in town is Greer, a disagreeable, retired British Chief Superintendent who is (unsuccessfully) pursuing obscurity. Guðgeir enlists Greer’s help to find the missing “dark woman” and figure out how someone so conspicuous could vanish without a trace. Set against the wildfire of an opiate crisis, REFURINN is a smouldering, character-driven drama, set within a spectacular, otherworldly landscape. The series explores issues of the outsider, loneliness and belonging within the territory of a tense Icelandic/Scandi crime noir.

“A disgraced Icelandic detective and a retired British Superintendent both in pursuit of redemption are compelled to find a missing immigrant amidst treacherous landscape, an opiate epidemic and the “hidden people” of Nordic folklore.”

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